Assignment Description


Chapter 13 Lab (Attempt 1)


Lab Assignment - Chapter 13
Total Points = 10  
Please do all of the following exercises from the textbook:
Hands-On Exercises - Pages 537-538
  Question #1 2 Points
Question #2 1 Point
Question #5 2 Points
Question #6 2 Points
Question #8 2 Points
Questions #9 and #10 1 Point

Lab Notes:

Your assignment MUST be typed and saved correctly (with proper information, and correct filenames*) before submitting.

*You must submit a maximum of 2 files - one SQL file and one Output file. 
 You may include both SQL and Output in one file, but you must submit both. 

If the question asks you to verify the end result of your query, please do so with an SQL statement.
Please view the example output in the Course Content and Assignments area for this lab.

Submission Detail

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