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Stock Project (Attempt 1)


BUSM 1300                                                     Intro to Business

Stock Project Paper and Presentation


The goal of this assignment is to teach students about investing in the stock market.  The project requires a report on a company’s history and analysis of its stock performance.  Each student will present a brief project summary to the class during Week 14 of the class (see Syllabus for dates).


Part I (15% of total or 150 points of your semester grade):

  1. Select a company that trades on either the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ.  You will invest $10,000 in the company’s stock.  Determine the stock’s closing price on September 28, 2018 and calculate the number of shares you can purchase on that date (carry out to one decimal).  Keep track of the daily closing price of the company stock. Sell your shares on November 20, 2018.
  2. Prepare a type-written, double-spaced paper that answers the following questions:
    • The name of the company chosen and the stock ticker symbol.
    • Why you chose the company…be detailed!
    • A company overview that includes:
      1. Years in business.
      2. Major products or services.
      3. Location of the headquarters.
      4. Name of the CEO.
      5. Two (2) examples of social responsibility / sustainability efforts in 2016 or 2017.
      6. Review the Annual Report for 2016 or 2017 for the company (it is on their website). List three key points in the Letter from the CEO / CFO to stockholders.
    • The names of two competitors who are in the same business or a similar type of business.  Explain how the companies are similar, including products / services and customers / locations.
    • Purchase price of shares on September 28, 2018.
    • Number of shares purchased for $10,000.
    • Closing price on November 20, 2018.
    • Amount earned from sale of shares on November 20 (in dollars).
    • Net profit or loss on investment (amount earned minus $10,000).
    • Stock price chart (09/28/18 to 11/20/18). Create a LINE GRAPH on EXCEL to show results from only the company you selected. This chart is worth 25 points of the overall report grade.
    • Track ONLY the beginning and ending prices of the two competitors…include their stock closing prices on the report only for the dates of  September 28 and November 20. Determine how much money was gained / lost and what percentage of the stock was gained / lost during the project for the two competitiors.
    • Discuss whether the competitors gained or lost money during the project.  How does this compare to your selected company?  What are the reasons for the difference in the results between the three firms?  You will need to read a few articles about the various companies and your industry to find out what has been going on in the marketplace. Cite your sources in your paper.
    • Personal response…How do you feel about your gain/loss?  What do you wish you could have done differently?  In the future, or when you are in a position to invest, would you use your own “real” money to invest in this company?
    • Include a Works Cited page at the end of the stock paper report. Note all sources used for your project, including stock prices and any other research on sustainability, competitors, etc. Any projects missing a Works Cited page will have a 25 point deduction.

Part I is due at the end of the class, after all the presentations are completed. See Syllabus for date.

Submit the paper (Part I) through Blackboard AND bring a printed copy to class in Week 14. All assignments will be checked in SafeAssign for plagiarism.

Part II (5% of total or 50 points of your semester grade):

  1. Prepare a timed two to four minute presentation for the class.  Write an outline or note cards for yourself to review the company information, stock performance and your personal response.
  2. The presentations will be given in Week 14 per the dates on the Syllabus. 

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