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Assignment 10 (Attempt 1)


In a word-processed document,

Find the specifications for your First Personal Computer (or one from before 2010 if the one you have is your first).  Find the specifications for your Current Personal Computer.  Compare the two: apples to apples (make sure you are comparing the same things). Now, imagine it is ten years from now:  What does your computer look like (specification-wise)?  What has changed, gotten faster, disappeared altogether? 

Explain the question in your own words, and be sure you cite all your work

You must use at least two resources for your discussion and none of them can be from on line encyclopedias (like wikipedia for example). Explore the Writing & Citing; Free Books; and Reference Materials sections to start.

Save the file as yourlastname_assignment10.pdf (save your file as PDF. Both Word and Open Office can do this easily) and submit your work here.

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Good!  Now, if we can only get that auto-grader working .... :)