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Logic Plan 6 (Attempt 1)


ITCS 1010 Programming Logic


Logic Plan 6  – Chapter 6 – 20 points


“Retail Price Calculator using a Method that Receives Arguments and Returns a Value”




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Given the following problem statements, perform the steps and answer the questions listed below, which are designed to help you analyze the problem and prepare a strategy for solving the problem.  Submit this logic plan and C­­­­# Project into a folder, zip the folder, and submit in Blackboard for grading. 


Problem statement:  Create an application that lets the user enter an item’s wholesale cost and its markup percentage in input text boxes.  When the user clicks the Calculate button, the application should have a METHOD named CalculateRetail that receives two inputs in text boxes, the wholesale cost and markup percentage as arguments, and returns the output retail price of the item in a text box.  See textbook page 392, under Programming Problems, the Retail Price Calculator for guidance.


For example:  Retail Price = (Wholesale Cost * Markup Percentage)


$10.00 = ($5.00 x 100%)

$7.50   = ($5.00 x 50%)


Also, include an Exit button so the user can close the form and include your student name and a proper title in the title bar of the form.

 Use label controls, button controls, and program comments where applicable.  Make sure the C# program is free of syntax and logic errors.  Also, include user-friendly ToolTips on all button controls

Sample testing output:  

Create a file folder on your USB Port drive or hard drive at home, and call it “Logic Plan6 Your student name”.  For example “Logic Plan6 DLohn”.


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Create the Logic Plan!


Before coding this program design the Program’s Logic:  enter your answers in the IPO chart below.  Write pseudocode and insert below.  Draw a flowchart and insert below.  (Hint:  reference the logic plans in this Tutorial and Tutorial 6-4 for guidance .)


What must the user enter as INPUT?  




How will the program calculate the retail price?




What OUTPUT will the program display?















Save this project in your “Logic Plan 6 your student name” file folder and submit in this category for grading.


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